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Styling Your DIY Wedding Flowers

A Guide to Crafting Your Dream Aesthetic

Hey there, my fellow floral adventurers from the lush corners of Northern Virginia, the bustling streets of Washington DC, and beyond! So, you’ve decided to DIY your wedding flowers – high five! You’re about to embark on an incredibly rewarding journey that’s not just about saving costs, but also about bringing your unique vision to life. It’s an opportunity to weave your personal touch into every petal and leaf, creating a day that reflects the essence of your love story. Whether you’re drawn to the romantic allure of peonies or the bold statement of dahlias, the world of DIY wedding florals is yours to explore. And remember, this isn’t just a creative venture; it’s an adventure filled with learning, laughter, and, most importantly, love. So, grab your mood board and your color swatches, because we’re diving into the art of styling your wedding with DIY flowers!

DIY Bouquet in bright pinks and pastel giving a sweet light hearted mood.
Photo by: Marlayna Photography

Techniques for Crafting Your Floral Fairytale

Mood Boards: Your Wedding Design BFF

Let’s talk mood boards. Think of a mood board as your wedding’s best friend, the one who knows all your secrets and dreams. This isn’t just a collage of pretty pictures; it’s the visual heartbeat of your big day.

Mood Board: a board used by designers on which samples of various colors and textures are mounted to help in deciding which elements complement each other ~Merriam-Webster

Creating a mood board can be as simple as pinning images that make your heart skip a beat on Pinterest or as hands-on as cutting and pasting pictures onto a corkboard. Start by gathering images of anything that speaks to you – fabrics, nature photos, snippets from magazines, a feather you found on a walk – it all counts. This board is your playground, so let your creativity run wild. The goal? To create a visual representation that captures the essence of your desired wedding atmosphere.

And here’s the thing about mood boards: once you’ve honed in on that perfect visual theme, stick to it like it’s your wedding vow. It’s easy to get distracted – a bit like a dog spotting squirrels – and be tempted to veer off course. But remember, consistency is key. Changing your mind halfway through can send you down endless rabbit holes, leading to overwhelm and potentially chaotic final designs. Trust your initial vision and let your mood board guide you. This focused approach will ensure that your wedding aesthetics are cohesive, beautifully planned, and exactly as you envisioned – no wild mess, just pure, curated elegance.

Color Theory: Speaking the Language of Colors

Now, let’s get our geek on with a little color theory. Color isn’t just about what looks good – it’s about setting the mood. Want a romantic vibe? Soft pastels and creamy whites are your go-to. Going for drama? Bold reds and deep purples will be your allies. And for a fresh, vibrant feel, bring in those greens and yellows.

But here’s the kicker: it’s not just about picking colors you like. It’s about understanding how they work together. Let’s explore some popular color theories for wedding palettes:

Monochromatic Colors: Different shades, tones, and tints within a single color create a cohesive and elegant aesthetic.

Analogous Colors: Colors next to each other on the color wheel offer a serene and comfortable design.

Complementary Colors: Colors opposite each other on the wheel, like blue and orange, create a vibrant look.

Triadic Colors: Using three colors evenly spaced around the color wheel brings balance and playfulness.

Split-Complementary Colors: One base color plus two adjacent to its direct complement offers striking visuals with less tension.

Tetradic (Double Complementary) Colors: Two sets of complementary colors for a vibrant and diverse look.

Color Harmonies

How Colors Influence Mood:

The colors you choose for your wedding not only set the visual tone but also influence the emotional atmosphere. Blues and greens evoke calmness and serenity, perfect for a tranquil, peaceful wedding setting. Warmer tones like oranges and yellows stimulate appetite and conversation, ideal for lively, social gatherings.

Emotions Evoked by Our Preset Color Options:

Romantic: White, Cream, Peach, Blush, Butter Yellow create a soft, dreamy, and tender atmosphere, ideal for a love-filled, intimate celebration.

Cheery: Yellow, Coral, Pink, Orange exude happiness, warmth, and enthusiasm, bringing a sense of fun and energy to your day.

Moody: Deep Purple, Burgundy, Red offer sophistication and passion, perfect for an evening of elegance and deep emotional connection.

Berry: Pink, Fuschia, Purple give off a playful, charming, and whimsical vibe, great for a lively and spirited celebration.

Remember, your wedding colors should tell a story – the story of you and your partner. They are not just about what’s trending or what looks good; they are an expression of your personality and the emotional journey you want your guests to experience on your special day. As you fine-tune your mood board, let these palettes guide you in creating a visually and emotionally cohesive theme that resonates with your vision.

Seasonality and Flower Selection: Timing is Everything

Now, about those flowers. While I’d love to promise you peonies in November, Mother Nature has her own schedule. Seasonality is key when selecting flowers for your DIY wedding. Lucky for us, each season brings its own floral superstars. Spring sings with tulips and ranunculus, late summer dazzles with snapdragons and dahlias, and fall? Oh, fall is all about those rich chrysanthemums and grasses.

But here’s where it gets interesting. While you can’t pick the exact flowers in our Bulk Botanical DIY Buckets, you can choose a color palette that sets the tone. Want a beachy vibe? Think blues, whites, and sandy hues. Dreaming of a forest fairytale? Embrace the greens, browns, and deep jewel tones. The beauty of DIY is in embracing the unexpected – it’s like a floral surprise party!

When sourcing your DIY wedding flowers, remember that buying wholesale can be pricier and less reliable than you might expect. That’s why, especially here in Northern Virginia, with its thriving flower farming community, tapping into the local flower farm scene is a smart move. Across the nation, many farmers offer DIY buckets filled with fresh, sustainable blooms, supporting local businesses while ensuring top-notch quality for your special day.

Let’s talk about those infamous big box store flower experiences. The internet is rife with DIY wedding flower mishaps from such stores, and for good reason. The quality often leaves much to be desired, leading to disappointing floral displays. Moreover, the rampant use of chemicals on imported flowers, which big box stores commonly stock, is a hidden concern. These flowers aren’t subject to strict regulations as they’re not edible, but do you really want to expose yourself to unknown herbicides and fungicides during your floral arrangement session? Opting for locally grown, sustainable flowers keeps you safe from these chemical concerns and guarantees the freshest blooms for your DIY designs.

So, as you embark on this floral journey, be mindful of where your flowers are coming from. Choosing locally grown flowers not only gives you the best in quality and aesthetics but also ensures a safer, more environmentally friendly choice for your big day. And if you’re curious about what blooms to expect during your wedding season, have a look at our Seasonal Bloom list. This resource can help you align your expectations with the natural rhythm of the flower world, ensuring your wedding blooms are as fresh and vibrant as possible.

The Nitty-Gritty of Design: Let’s Talk Texture

Designing with flowers is more than just sticking stems in a vase. It’s about texture – the play between soft, billowy blooms and crisp, structured greenery. It’s about creating a visual rhythm that guides the eye and delights the senses. Think about the vibe you want. Do you love the wild, untamed look of a meadow? Go heavy on the greenery and opt for looser, more textured designs. Prefer something more refined and elegant? Tighter, more controlled arrangements are your jam.

Bringing it All Together: Your Wedding, Your Way

Now that we’ve journeyed through the essentials of styling your DIY wedding flowers, take a moment to pause and reflect on these ideas. How will they shape and inspire the unique aesthetic of your dream wedding? This question isn’t just rhetorical; it’s an invitation to truly consider the impact of each choice you make along your floral design journey.

From mood boards capturing your imagination to the color palettes that set the tone, every decision you make weaves together to tell your unique love story. Your wedding flowers are more than just decorations; they’re expressions of your personality, your style, and the atmosphere you want to create for one of the most memorable days of your life.

So, as we conclude this chapter of our floral adventure, remember, this is just the beginning. Whether you’re holding a bouquet of wildflowers or a sophisticated arrangement of roses, your DIY wedding flowers are a testament to your creativity, your commitment, and your love.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming posts, where we’ll delve deeper into the nuances of DIY floral arrangements. From mastering the art of selecting the right floral pieces to understanding stem counts, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. And remember, in the enchanting world of DIY wedding florals, every bloom tells a story – your story. Let it unfold in all its natural beauty and splendor.

As always, we’re here to support you on this journey. If you have any questions or need a bit of advice, feel free to reach out. Your DIY wedding flower experience in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, or anywhere you’re planning your special day is important to us. And don’t forget, we can’t wait to see your beautiful creations – share your journey with us and become a part of our blooming community.

Happy planning, and here’s to the beautiful blooms that await you!


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