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Welcome to The Fertile Burb, your premiere wedding florist nestled in the vibrant DMV area, servicing Greater Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Western Maryland, and the surrounding Baltimore regions. We specialize in creating floral artistry that captures the essence of your event and honors the beauty of our local and sustainable blooms. From the initial seed to the final centerpiece, we are dedicated to crafting a unique floral narrative that intertwines seamlessly with your personal story. Our bespoke service is not just about arranging flowers; it’s about creating a memorable, one-of-a-kind celebration that reflects the uniqueness of your love and life’s most cherished moments.



We cater to our environmentally conscious clients with a refined level of garden sourced floristry, featuring our farm’s sustainably grown stems of blooms and foliage, uniquely cultivated for your event. At The Fertile Burb, our dual role as farmer and florist provides an unmatched experience. Our approach goes beyond mere floral arrangements; we intimately nurture each plant from seed to centerpiece. This direct involvement in growing gives us a profound understanding of each flower’s needs, ensuring we deliver the freshest and most stunning selections, harvested specifically for your occasion. Our planning process is rooted in the earth, beginning months in advance in our fields, not from a wholesaler’s catalog. We carefully orchestrate what to plant and when, considering seasonal changes and weather influences on the blooms’ color and character. This intricate balance of farming and floral artistry ensures that the flowers adorning your event are not just decorative elements but represent stories of passion, meticulous care, and a deep connection to the natural world.

A note to our potential Full Service clients: For 2024, our Full-Service floral arrangements come with a minimum budget of $3,000, exclusive of delivery, setup, and breakdown costs. This ensures we provide the highest quality and personalized service for your special day.

To help with your planning, it’s useful to know that the average cost of event flowers typically represents 10-12 percent of the total wedding budget. This pricing structure ensures we provide the highest quality and personalized service for your special day. While $3,000 is our base, we often find our clients’ total investment, including flowers and additional decor items, falls within the $7000-$15000 range, particularly during the peak wedding season in the DMV area.


Design in floral artistry is akin to the ebb and flow of a gentle stream, effortlessly drawing us into its world of wonder and grace. It’s a journey that can evoke serenity, spark inspiration, or set the stage for moments of profound significance. Imagine the way water carves its path through nature, fluid and purposeful, its course an ever-changing dance of harmony and balance. Each arrangement we create mirrors this natural flow, where every stem finds its rightful place, allowing the entire composition to breathe and resonate with life.

Color plays a whimsical role in our designs, allowing us to experiment with shades, tones, and contrasts, interlacing complementary hues for visual impact. Drawing from my experience as a classically trained dancer, I approach floral design with the grace and fluidity reminiscent of Martha Graham’s modern dance. Her ability to express profound emotion through movement inspires my designs to go beyond the visual, creating arrangements that are not just seen but felt, evoking an emotional resonance that captures the essence of each bloom’s story.

All the words being used to describe our floristry.

We’re not just about exceptional blooms: 
Our commitment extends to providing outstanding customer service and transparency.

Why Choose FB For Your Wedding?

Our florals stand apart in freshness and natural beauty. Every stem we grow remains fresh, never dry, and untouched by long journeys or harsh chemicals. Our sustainable approach allows us to cultivate more delicate varieties, untouched by the demands of shipping. This results in blooms with captivating fragrances and vibrant colors, a testament to the fertile fields they come from. ​Our arrangements boast high-value bloom varieties sourced from the world’s most esteemed breeders. Imagine the sheer elegance of giant Iceland Poppies from Biancheri in Italy, the distinctive charm of rare ranunculus varieties like Elegance Salmone, the refined beauty of premium Japanese Lisianthus, and the mesmerizing allure of exclusive dahlias that are hard to find anywhere else. At The Fertile Burb, we’re passionate about bringing you flowers that are as unique and memorable as your special day. And for those looking for the classic rose, you’ll find we have a delightful twist – we focus on unique and diverse florals instead, offering an extraordinary array of choices that step beyond the conventional. In our styling process, we often turn to our fields for that perfect final touch, ensuring each bouquet is a stunning masterpiece. Everything is crafted on-site in our backyard studio, a stone’s throw from where our flowers grow, capturing the essence of seasonality in every design. By choosing us, you do more than just beautify your event. You support a way of life that nurtures our land and animals, helping us maintain a sustainable, flourishing ecosystem. Our clients are a crucial part of this cycle, contributing to a legacy that will enrich our Earth for future generations. Rest assured, when you book with us, we guarantee exceptional service and exquisite florals tailored for your special day.

Who Is Our Ideal Client?

Our dream clients are couples who hold a deep appreciation for the environment and desires a wedding that harmonizes with the planet’s well-being. They seek an extraordinary and personalized wedding experience, adorned with the finest, eco-friendly flowers that align with their unique vision and aesthetic. Flexibility is key. Our clients trust us as artists and understand the dynamic nature of working with seasonal blooms. While Mother Nature might occasionally change our plans, our clients are open to embracing these changes, trusting in our expertise to deliver floral designs that are not only the freshest and most unique but are a true celebration of their love story, crafted with care and creativity.

What Flowers Do You Grow?

We specialize in specialty cut flowers, native perennials, and shrubs, each selected for their unique beauty and rarity. Our farm is a living canvas, showcasing blooms that are both elusive and enchanting. From the delicate intricacies of Italian Elegance Salmone ranunculus to the grand Colibri Icelandic Poppies and the distinct charm of rare dahlias and premium Japanese Lisianthus, our selection is a celebration of floral diversity. Spring at our farm is a symphony of colors and textures. We cultivate specialty tulips, whimsical ranunculus, ethereal Iceland poppies, and luxurious peonies. The season is further enriched with hellebores and the illuminating beauty of our sweet peas. English cottage garden favorites like foxglove, columbine, snapdragons, and delphinium add layers of texture and height, creating a dreamy spring landscape. As summer unfolds, our focus shifts to vibrant perennials and the delicate dance of Scabiosa, painting our fields with a palette of summer’s warmth and light. The season’s collection is a testament to the enduring beauty of nature, with each bloom crafted to capture the essence of summer’s splendor. Transitioning into the rich hues of fall, our gardens are a spectacle of changing colors, with foliage like ninebark adding a dramatic flair. The autumn period is a celebration of nature’s final show, where each flower and leaf tells a story of the passing year. For the daring couples who choose to celebrate their union in the winter, The Fertile Burb offers something truly special. We grow an exquisite variety of indoor specialty tulips throughout the colder months. Imagine the charm and elegance of a peony tulip-packed wedding, complemented by hints of evergreen foliages like boxwood and cross vine. These winter blooms create a unique and cozy ambiance, perfect for those looking to embrace the beauty of the season in their nuptials. Our commitment at The Fertile Burb is to bring you a diverse, ever-changing array of nature’s most beautiful creations. For a more extensive list of what’s in bloom, based on the months, visit our blog. We’re here to make your special moments not just memorable, but truly magical with our unique and sustainable floral artistry.

What’s Your Reservation Process?

First, send us an inquiry, form below, to confirm our availability. Once that’s sorted, we’ll send you a comprehensive questionnaire. This is an important step as it means you’re ready for a consultation. Our consultation isn’t just a meeting; it’s where we get to know you – your unique personality, style, and love story. These insights are crucial for shaping your wedding’s floral designs. After our chat, you’ll get a customized proposal with a mood board, detailed pricing list, and contract. Keep in mind, the average cost of event flowers usually represents 10-12% of your total wedding budget. You have 7 days to review and request one revision on our initial proposal. Once you have reserved with us, you’re free to make more adjustments as needed, except for color changes, since we start planning and growing your flowers right away. For bookings less than 10 months before the wedding, we might source from local, sustainable growers if custom growing isn’t feasible due to time constraints.

How Many Weddings Do You Design Each Season?

We believe in quality over quantity. Each year, we take on only 10 full-service weddings. This deliberate choice stems from our limited growing space and our commitment to delivering an extraordinary, high-style floral experience. By focusing on a select number of events, we ensure that each couple receives our full attention, creativity, and dedication. Our service is designed for clients who place a high value on the role of flowers in their wedding experience. If you envision your wedding day adorned with florals that are as distinct and personal as your own love story, choosing The Fertile Burb for your wedding flowers is a chance to indulge in a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

When do you have flowers?

Our regular growing season at The Fertile Burb spans from mid-April through late October. This is when our gardens are in full flourish, offering a diverse array of blooms. However, the changing climate occasionally blesses us with early springs and extended autumns, allowing flowers to emerge as early as mid-March or linger until mid-November. For the daring and adventurous couples planning their weddings outside of our regular growing season, we’re up for the challenge! Embrace the unique with winter tulips, early hellebores, or late chrysanthemums. If you’re open to exploring creative and stunning floral designs beyond our regular season, please reach out to us. Let’s discuss your date and ideas to see how we can bring your visionary floral dreams to life.

How Do You Price Wedding Florals?

Unlike the usual industry practice of marking up flowers 3 to 5 times their wholesale cost, we keep our prices consistent across different types of flowers. This means choosing more greenery or fewer blooms won’t necessarily lower the cost. The difference is in our growing fee. This covers the cost of seeds, bulbs, labor for growing your flowers, composts, and beneficial insects for a sustainable approach. While our method is distinct, you’ll find our prices align with other local florists. Our approach is transparent and focuses on providing high-quality, unique, and environmentally responsible floral arrangements for your special day. All costs are detailed in your contract and proposal.



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