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Bulk Botanical DIY Buckets

Locally grown buckets of flowers and foliage ready for you to design

Are you considering floral designing for your wedding or event? Want to gather friends to make your arrangements? Whether you love working with flowers or are trying to stay on a tight budget, DIY buckets allow you to have the highest quality and sustainable blooms.

STOP! Before you decide - Read our Realities of DIY Wedding Flowers

Now that you feel comfortable DIYing flowers, remember that if you choose DIY buckets, you should be flexible in your vision and ready to work with various flowers and foliage.

DIY Wedding Couple

Photo Credits: Marlayna Photography

Bulk Botanical DIY Buckets from The Fertile Burb

Our bulk botanical DIY buckets are available for pick-up, by appointment, at our farm in Gainesville, Virginia. We recommend picking up one to two days before your event. For best storage, buckets should be kept in a cool dark location. Please, understand that our DIY buckets do not include assistance with design, storage, handling, or determining quantities for your event.

What is in a bucket?

Buckets contain 60-85 stems, depending on the varieties. Buckets are filled with an assortment of focal flowers, accent flowers, and foliage based on the best of what is locally in season for your event.

How do I transport buckets?

We use 5 gallon paint buckets or reused cat litter buckets; yes, they are nice and clean. We have arranged buckets in many ways based on the car size and number of buckets. They can be placed on seats and held in place with seatbelts, sandwiched between front and back seats, or stacked in a trunk. If placing a larger order, we suggest contacting us after placing a DIY bucket order to figure logistics based on order size and car type.

Car full of DIY Flower Buckets

Can I choose my flowers?

Sorry, no. Allowing the season and mother nature to dictate what is blooming is at the heart of who we are. Most of the time, we can predict which focal flowers will be in bloom on your event date, for instance, ranunculus in spring, and dahlias in fall, but we never guarantee flowers.

Can I choose my colors?

Absolutely! We offer 6 color palettes as well as a custom color palette option. Each Color Palette will include some or all of the colors listed.

Rainbow: A mix of all the very best blooms the week of your event

Romantic: White, Cream, Peach, Blush, Butter Yellow

Cheery: Yellow, Coral, Pink, Orange

Moody: Deep Purple, Burgundy, Red

Berry: Pink, Fuschia, Purple

Custom: Hate Red? Tell me! Love all Pink? Tell me! If you prefer a particular color palette, please tell me.

*Note: Because of unpredictable weather patterns, we may need to purchase a portion of flowers from other local farmers to fulfill color requests. Any flowers purchased will be grown within 30 miles of The Fertile Burb and be grown with the same sustainable principles and values as our farm.

Ready to order Bulk Botanical DIY Buckets? Get them here.


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