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Bloom & Bloom: Where Flowers and Coffee Blossom Together, Learn the Art of Pour Over Coffee and Floral Arranging!


**Bloom & Bloom: Coffee and Flowers in Harmony**


Ready for a cozy, creative gathering that’s a bit different from the usual? Let’s mix the aromatic world of pour-over coffee with the vibrant touch of floral arranging! We’re teaming up with Twelve Twenty Coffee for a laid-back evening where you can unwind and get your hands dirty (in the best way).


Dive into flower arranging with us as we play around with modern compote designs, adding a splash of fun with terrazzo flair. You’ll learn all about sustainable practices that not only make your arrangements stunning but also kind to our planet.


Then, shift gears to coffee. Ever heard of the 'coffee bloom'? It’s that beautiful moment when hot water first meets the coffee grounds, and we’ll show you how to perfect this art to make your morning cup something truly special.


We’ll have delicious bites from Sweet San Isidro to munch on as you craft and brew, creating a perfect blend of tastes and scents.


And don’t worry about leaving empty-handed. You’ll take home your floral masterpiece to brighten your space and a can of Twelve Twenty’s Temperance Blend coffee—imagine waking up to the notes of chocolate and berry jam!


Thinking of a post-Mother’s Day treat? This could be a wonderful belated celebration. Bring your mom, or anyone else special, and make memories that’ll last much longer than the blooms.


Let’s get together, sip some coffee, and make some beautiful arrangements. Can’t wait to see you there!

Bloom & Bloom Workshop

  • Date: TBD

    Time: 6:00pm - 8:30pm

    Location: Rust Manor House, Leesburg VA

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