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A super fun social media campaign was created at the beginning of this year by CalFlowers called "That Flower Feeling." and it's right up our alley! It promotes and educates consumers about the mental health benefits of bringing flowers into all of our lives and homes.

This is NOT a sponsored ad, I just really love this campaign!

The funny, edgy, shareable campaign called "Flowers. Self care made easy" pushes flowers into the culturally relevant "self care" space.

Flowers = self care?

Studies show that flowers trigger the releasing dopamine and serotonin - happy emotions Mood stabalizer - There is no better natural supplement to help you manage your day-to-day moods By bringing life and color into your home, flowers actually make it a warmer and more welcoming atmosphere ~ That Flower Feeling

Get a daily dose of self care and follow #thatflowerfeeling on Instagram. And as always, keep it local and sustainable by bringing flowers into your life and home that were grown in your community and designed by your neighborhood florist.


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