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Embrace DIY Wedding Flowers

Navigating the Do-It-Yourself Wedding Floral Adventure

Hey there, fellow flower enthusiasts and budget-savvy event planners! If you're all about those small and intimate weddings or laid-back events, I've got a gem of an idea for you: DIY wedding flowers. Yep, you read that right! In this post, we're diving into the world of do-it-yourself floral arrangements that not only give you a chance to show off your creative flair but also make the most of amazing local blooms.

Now, before you roll up your sleeves and embark on this bloomin' adventure, let's chat about what's in store. We're talking about the nitty-gritty details of storing and prepping your own floral beauties, finding the right amount of time for design (spoiler alert: patience is key), and of course, embracing both the epic triumphs and the occasional "I didn’t know that flower couldn’t be out of water all day" moments that can make us all go "beep."

But first things first, let's set the stage. Picture this: you're planning a wedding or event that's uniquely you, and you want your blooms to match that vibe. Perhaps your event's vibe is as unique as you are, but your floral budget isn't quite singing the same tune. Enter the solution: DIY Bulk Buckets of blooms. Lucky for you, we've got a rainbow of options to choose from with our six pre-set color palettes – and yes, we've even got a custom palette option because we love it when you're in the driver's seat. Now, let's jump into the floral adventure – it's about to get exciting, enlightening, and maybe just a tad bit messy (in the best way, of course!).

Stay tuned as we delve into the ins and outs of DIY wedding flower magic – from proper flower storage and prep to crafting your own show-stopping designs. And trust me, we'll even have a good laugh about some of those unforgettable "beep" moments. So, grab your flower shears and let's make some magic happen, one petal at a time!

A beautiful spring DIY bouquet of locally grown peonies, ranunculus, snapdragons, and foliage in a bright free form palette.


Picture this: your dream wedding, complete with stunning floral arrangements that reflect your unique style. Now, imagine achieving all this without breaking the bank. That's the magic of DIY wedding flowers! Not only do they offer budget-friendly options – a blessing for any couple planning their big day – they also open doors to creativity and connection.

The Dreaded Topic for Most Couples - Budget

Say goodbye to sky-high costs! When it comes to the budget, those centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages can quickly add up to a hefty $4,000 price tag. But fear not, because Bulk Botanical DIY Buckets come to the rescue. While you won't have the personalized touch of a professional florist, the savings can be significant. It's about making a choice that aligns with your priorities.

Craft Memories with Loved Ones and Show Off Your Genius

Wedding planning doesn't have to be all stress and no play. Imagine spending a day with your nearest and dearest, bonding over blooms and laughter. That's the power of DIY wedding flowers – a chance to make memories as vibrant as your arrangements. Whether it's your closest friends or cherished family, this creative project brings everyone together in the spirit of your love story.

Fast forward to your big day – your wedding, your vision, your creativity on full display. DIY wedding florals give you a canvas to express yourself, infusing every petal with a piece of your personality. It's like sharing a secret language with your guests, telling them, "Hey, this is us." From stationery to decor to your playlist, the possibilities are endless. So, unleash your inner artist, create a day that's uniquely yours, and let your love bloom in every corner.


Beautiful DIY flowers created for a spring wedding at The American Visionary Art Museum Baltimore MD


Meet Caroline and Melissa, the dynamic duo who took DIY wedding flowers to a whole new level of blooming brilliance! These two lovebirds tied the knot in a stunning spring ceremony at The American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. But here's the twist – they didn't just plan their big day, they also transformed it into a floral wonderland with the help of their amazing squad of friends. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

Flexibility was their floral secret sauce – instead of a rigid color palette, they entrusted us (and Mother Nature) to work our magic and create a bouquet of seasonal blooms that truly shined. And boy, did they shine! Caroline and Melissa's "less is more" approach allowed us to pluck the freshest, most vibrant flowers straight from the garden, resulting in a palette that was effortlessly beautiful and wonderfully unexpected.

Just like a painting that evolves stroke by stroke, their wedding blossomed petal by petal. The result? A celebration infused with genuine warmth, personal touches, and an abundance of natural beauty. So, whether you're envisioning a traditional affair or something delightfully unconventional, the DIY route might just be your path to a uniquely magical wedding day. Cheers to Caroline and Melissa for embracing their floral journey with open hearts and minds! And bravo to Marlayna Demond for capturing the essence of their enchanting floral journey with her skillful photography! 📸



Timing Is Everything When it Comes to Floral Design

Ah, the art of floral design – where timing is as delicate as the petals themselves. Working with perishable products requires meticulous planning and execution. From shopping for the freshest blooms to preparing and designing, your hands will be full right up to your wedding day. Picture this: wedding planning is in full swing, and you're weighing whether to spend the precious hours leading up to your big day perfecting your bridal look or fine-tuning floral arrangements. It's a tough choice, and one that DIY floral enthusiasts often grapple with.

You'll Be on Your Own with Design and Technique When Creating Your Wedding Decor

There's a reason why WE, seasoned wedding florists, are hailed as masters of our craft. We've honed our design techniques over years of experience, ready to tailor arrangements to perfectly fit your unique love story. Opting for Do-it-Yourself flowers means taking on the challenge of translating your vision into reality without the expert guidance. It's like setting out on a solo adventure without a map – you may stumble upon something breathtaking, but you might also encounter some unforeseen twists.

The DIY Learning Curve: From Space and Skills to Wilted Blooms

Here's a reality check: DIY wedding flowers aren't as straightforward as they may seem. Lack of space, insufficient time, and limited knowledge of different floral products can quickly become hurdles. The risk of ending up with wilted or damaged flowers is real. Additionally, while friends and family might be eager to help, not everyone has the knack for floral design. You could find yourself in a situation where your support team isn't quite as skilled or enthusiastic as you'd hoped. So, while the allure of creating your own floral magic is enticing, be prepared to navigate these challenges with resilience and resourcefulness.


When DIY Flowers Become a Wedding Day Fiasco: A Cautionary Tale

NO PIC INCLUDED - because we only show off our flowers at their prettiest – not in their wilting glory!

Meet Cynthia and Noah, the daring duo who took the path less traveled by tackling a DIY floral adventure for their wedding day. Brimming with enthusiasm and eager to infuse their nuptials with a personal touch, they ventured into the world of flower arranging armed with determination and YouTube tutorials. With a goal to craft 18 centerpieces and 6 bouquets, they were ready to embrace the challenge head-on.

As the wedding date drew closer, the real test began. The anticipation of a serene and creative floral journey was met with a series of unforeseen obstacles. Cynthia's entourage of helpful hands turned out to be a no-show, leaving her to tackle the floral arrangements solo. The calm and collected planning she envisioned gave way to a whirlwind of last-minute preparations and the anxiety that often accompanies wedding planning.

Cynthia's vision for an exquisite bouquet encountered the reality of the art of floral design – the magic of capturing multiple angles to create a masterpiece. Additionally, the logistics of transporting 18 centerpieces took an unexpected turn, resulting in wilted blooms and unforeseen challenges on the day itself.

The tale of Cynthia and Noah serves as a reality check for those with high hopes but not necessarily the skills or foresight required for successful DIY flower arrangements. Their journey underlines the potential stress and pressure that DIY flowers can introduce into a day that, ideally, should be stress-free. While the allure of personal touches and cost savings is undeniable, the challenges they faced remind us that venturing into the world of DIY florals without proper preparation and expertise can lead to unexpected complications. The outcome of Cynthia's experience highlights the importance of entrusting your wedding day florals to seasoned professionals who can transform your vision into a reality, allowing you to enjoy your special day with a blossoming peace of mind.


Let’s Pause! Ready to Embrace DIY Wedding Flowers?

As we've delved into the world of DIY wedding and event flowers, how are you feeling? Are you eager to dive in, armed with our Bulk Botanical DIY Buckets, and embrace your own DIY flower magic for your wedding? Or perhaps you're still weighing the pros and cons of this creative adventure? Hang tight as we explore the nitty-gritty of How-To DIY flowers – maybe that'll shed some light on your path forward.


Choosing Your Floral Pieces and Design Concept

First things first, let's talk about setting the stage for your floral masterpiece. Before you embark on your DIY floral journey, take a moment to envision the look and feel you want for your special day. Are you going for a harmonious color palette or a playful mix of seasonal shades? Whatever your vision, pin it down before you hit the stores. Think of your theme as the guiding thread that ties all your floral arrangements together.

Vision boards are your secret weapon here. Gather images, colors, and styles that resonate with your aesthetic and bring them together in one place. If you find yourself in a creative standstill, don't fret. Your Pinterest boards or even your wedding invitations can be wellsprings of inspiration.

Now, let's do a quick mental walk-through of your wedding. Picture the ceremony and the reception. How many centerpieces, bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres will you need? Jot down the numbers – it'll save you from a last-minute scramble. And don't worry, we'll soon guide you through creating each piece step by step.

Things to Know When Crafting With Blooms

First up, the art of timing. Did you know that many floral arrangements can be prepped a day or even a couple of days in advance? The key lies in proper storage – keeping your creations in a cool, dark spot extends their lifespan. Take a moment to consider the dazzling peonies, among others, that have a mere 5-day vase life. But hold on, your wedding is a one-day affair. And guess what? Flowers tend to peak in beauty on the second day, thriving in ambient temperatures. Just remember, no extreme heat involved!

Now, let's talk about crafting efficiency. Smaller arrangements are like little creative oases, demanding less time to put together. For those centerpiece and ceremony arrangements, ensure you have ample time to work your magic. Boutonnieres, bouquets, and those delightful cocktail table adornments are naturally quicker to create due to their smaller size – although crafting a wedding bouquet is a different ballgame. Never tried your hand at a boutonnière before? No worries, a quick YouTube tutorial will set you up, but expect it to take around 20-30 minutes for those with an artistic streak. Bouquets and centerpieces should clock in at roughly 30-40 minutes each. And brace yourself – that breathtaking bridal bouquet or those striking arbor pieces might take up to an hour and a half or even more. Our advice? Delegate!

When you're in design mode, don't forget to think like a photographer. Consider how your creations will appear in images. A bridal bouquet, for example, should shine from all angles, not just one. This may not be something you care about now, but trust me, years down the road, you'll appreciate the thoughtfulness!

Navigating the Logistics of Transportation

Before you embark on your floral adventure, let's talk logistics – transportation, to be exact. While your DIY flowers are destined to dazzle, you need to ensure they arrive at your venue looking just as lovely as when you put them together. So, let's cover the ins and outs of getting those beautiful blooms from point A to point B.

First off, we've got our trusty Bulk Botanical DIY Buckets post for you to peruse, with all the transportation information you need right here. But let's not stop there – there's more to consider. Picture this: you've crafted your floral creations outside of the venue's location. Now, how will you transport them safely to where they need to be?

Picture a hot summer day in July, with temperatures soaring to a scorching 100 degrees. Your once-vibrant flowers may start to feel the heat if they're left out in the sun for too long. So, before you find yourself in a floral fiasco, take a moment to plan ahead. How many vehicles and drivers will you need? Will you need to make multiple trips? And most importantly, how can you ensure your beautiful arrangements remain fresh and vibrant, even in the summer heat?

Planning the transportation of your DIY floral masterpieces is just as crucial as crafting them. So, whether you're rolling up in a flower-decorated convoy or executing a strategic delivery plan, make sure to keep the transportation puzzle in mind. After all, the last thing you want is for your blooms to go for an unintentional sunbath on the hottest day of the year!

Caring for Your Blooms

As your journey into the world of DIY flowers unfolds, one of the most crucial aspects is handling your blooms with utmost care. While the majority of flowers are hardy and dependable, some delicate beauties like garden roses and peonies require special attention in a practice known as 'Conditioning'. All stems need to be stripped. Essentially, this involves a gentle tidying process – removing leaves from the lower two-thirds of each stem and giving them a fresh snip before placing them in water. This extra step ensures that your blossoms stay vibrant and exude vitality.

Here's a pro tip: it's always wise to order a tad more than you think you need. Accidents happen, and stems might get broken along the way – having extras on hand can save the day. As you delicately prepare each stem, envision the beauty they'll bring to your arrangements, and remember that this attention to detail will make all the difference when your flowers come to life on your wedding day.

Supplies to Consider

- Sharp flower shears or scissors

- Floral tape

- Floral glue

- Buckets for storing the flowers prior to arranging

- Ribbon, twine, and straight pins for wrapping the stems of bouquets and boutonnieres

- Chicken wire (depending on the arrangement) – remember, no floral foam! If you need to create a piece for the arbor, consider using chicken wire filled with wet straw. Check out YouTube for guidance!

- Secateurs, if you're foraging or using branches

- Vessels

And remember, while some sources might suggest floral foam, we're all about sustainability and avoiding it altogether. It’s a micro plastic. 🤮 Rest assured, you won't need it for your beautiful creations!

Pause for a moment, dear readers, you ready to blossom, to embrace DIY wedding flowers?

Take a deep breath. How are you feeling after this whirlwind tour of DIY wedding and event flowers? Excited and raring to go, or perhaps a bit unsure about taking on this flowery adventure? If you're leaning towards apprehension, fear not! We've got an amazing option for you: our A la Carte wedding flowers. They're the perfect middle ground – you'll benefit from a professional touch without the full-service price tag. But hey, if you're ready to take the plunge into the world of DIY, no worries! Stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts where we'll guide you through the art of choosing the right floral pieces for your wedding and demystify the process of calculating how many stems you'll need. It's a wild, beautiful journey ahead – and we're thrilled to be your co-pilots!

Quick Shoutout for these stunning images that i was so gratiously given permission to use!

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