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Vint Hill Yoga & Fitness Teams Up with Blooms in the Burbs

Celebrate the new year with a harmonious blend of physical, mental, and floral wellness, presented by The Fertile Burb and Vint Hill Yoga & Fitness. Our “Poses & Posies” bundle seamlessly combines the revitalizing experiences of yoga and fitness classes with the enchanting allure of fresh tulips, nurturing your body, mind, and senses.


For a complete wellness journey, the “Poses & Posies” bundle includes a versatile 5-class package at Vint Hill Yoga & Fitness, paired with our bi-weekly Blooms in the Burbs tulip share. This unique part of the package offers five splendid 10-stem tulip bunches, ready for pickup at Vint Hill Yoga & Fitness on designated dates. It’s a delightful floral treat to illuminate your space every other week.


To purchase this full bundle at a special 10% discount, visit Vint Hill Yoga & Fitness’s website and immerse yourself in an enriching blend of wellness and beauty.


And Vint Hill Yoga & Fitness existing members, we have an exclusive offer just for you! Enjoy the bi-weekly Blooms in the Burbs tulip share at a 10% discount. Simply click the “Buy Now” button below to add this floral joy to your existing membership. Enhance your yoga and fitness sessions with the added charm of fresh tulips, conveniently available for pickup at Vint Hill Yoga & Fitness on the dates listed below. Elevate your practice and your surroundings with the splendor of nature!

Package Details

5-Class Package: Enjoy any classes at Vint Hill Yoga & Fitness, valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. A perfect opportunity to explore different styles and find what suits you best.


Tulip Share Pick-Up: Enjoy the vibrancy of bi-weekly tulips picked up at Vint Hill Yoga & Fitness on Fridays or Saturdays. Please note, pickup is available exclusively at the end of the fitness class you are attending on these days.



January 26th or 27th 

February 9th or 10th 

February 23rd or 24th 

March 8th or 9th 

March 22nd or 23rd


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